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Journeyman Restaurant Continues to Make a Splash

Enjoying the patio at Ronnarong a recent summer evening, sipping one of their awesome saki cocktails, I was absent-mindedly watching a delivery down the alley in front of Journeyman.  Out from the back of the plain white truck I was taken aback to watch them unload not your typical cardboard boxes filled with styrofoam packages pork chops.  Out came an entire half hog,  and then another.  You’d think the restaurant was a butcher shop, and in a way it is.  Chef/owners Tse Wei Lim and Diana Kudajarova take  their products so seriously that this delivery of the whole animal isn’t even the start of their relationship with the food they artfully present each night. It goes all the way back to the farm itself.

Stuff Magazine ran a cover story June 2011 all about their farm-to-table commitment.

The recognition this month as one of the year’s best new restaurants in the Boston Globe is well deserved.

Journeyman Launches New Monthly Wine Event

Journeyman launches this Monday, March 7, 2011,  “Wine Stains: Storied Wines,” a monthly wine dinner series.  The focus on these nights is food and wine family style with bottle service and platters  at communal tables full of friends.

Journeyman’s beverage director Seth Hill is becoming well known for his love of forgotten grapes and his eclectic beverage selections. He goes for the traditionally made, the sustainably grown, the liquids that tell a story with every sip.

The restaurant’s typical service is switched up for these events, with the dinners featuring 4 courses, a  few extra bites, paired wines, aperitifs, digestifs, and tea/coffee to end your meal.  There are just three seatings available: 6:30pm, 7:30pm, and 8:30pm.  Dinner costs $85.  For reservations, email Meg Grady-Troia at meg@journeymanrestaurant.com.