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Fluff Festival T-shirts Now On Sale On-Line

The gorilla themed t-shirts were a big hit.  We sold out completely during the festival so we’re printing another run of them in the men’s, ladies and kids styles.  What kid doesn’t love gorillas?

We’ll ship the first round of orders on October 18th.

Order here !

Maps and Schedules for 2013 Fluff Festival

FluffPoster2013Wanna know what’s happening where this Saturday at the 2013 Fluff Festival?

Here’s the map showing all the stages and vendors.

Thinking a free pedicab ride is in your future?  Here’s the route the free pedicabs will be traveling for those who are walking from Sullivan Square T station or parked on Inner Belt Road.

The map on road closures and recommended places to park.

MBTA notice on bus rerouting

Temporary Bus Stops for Saturday

Wondering what time all this is happening?

  • Here’s the performance schedule.
  • And what’s happening over on the shenanigans stage.
  • Important times to know for the Cooking Contest are registration 2:45 to 3:15 with announcement of winners at 5:40.  Bake Sale at 6 pm.

MBTA Bus Rerouting for Fluff Festival

Fluff Festival
Union Square, Somerville
Saturday, September 28, 2013
(Rain Date: Sunday 9/29/2013)

Routes 86, 87 & 91
No service to Union Square


Route 86

Outbound: Connections can be made @ Kingman Rd and Washington St
Inbound: Connections can be made @ McGrath Hywy and Medford St or Somerville Ave and Bow St

Route 87

Outbound: Connections can be made @ McGrath Hywy and Poplar St
Inbound: Connections can be made @ Somerville Ave and Webster Ave or Somerville Ave and Linden St

Route 91

Outbound: Regular route
Inbound: Connections can be made @ McGrath Hywy and Medford St

Fluff Festival Held September 28, 2013

whatthefluff-volunteer_buttonThe eighth annual “What the Fluff? A Tribute to Union Square Invention” roars in to Union Square, Somerville, MA this Saturday and we’re gonna have a monster of a time.

What the Fluff?: A Tribute to Union Square Invention honors the illustrious Fluff creator, Archibald Query, who concocted the gooey sticky spread right here in Union Square in 1917.

On Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 3 to 7 pm (raindate Sunday, 9/29) local artists, musicians, theatrical performers, inventors, and humorists pay madcap tribute to the creation of this great American foodstuff on two stages. Fluff games and shenanigans will spread the sticky goodness throughout the Union Square.

Fest-goers can sample the taste of Fluff from our local vendors presenting sweet and savory Fluffalicious delights. Pair these with Fluff-inspired cocktails and Fluff-local beer concoctions at nearby watering holes.

You’ll be transported with appearances by Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, The Ward Eights, and Marc Pinansky & The Bored Of Health. This year the Fluffettes will be brought to life by the ladies of Rogue Burlesque.  Bringing some different thrills, be sure to check out the action from Wheels-N-Motion BMX Stunt Team.  Roy Van and Mark Chandler will be spinning some awesome tunes amidst our food vendors.

Be a Part of the Party !

Cooking Contest: Does Marshmallow Fluff inspire you to create new culinary works of art? If so your creation could get you a one-of-a-kind trophy. gift certificates to area businesses and a tour inside the Fluff Factory!Details


Fabulous Pharaoh of Fluff: Think you’ve got what it takes to be our crowned our next leader? The FluffATron 3000 will help us winnow out the top candidates.  And your reign shall begin with the raining of marshmallows. Join our royal family of Pharaohs past. Details

Free Games and Shenanigans: We’ve got fun things to do for all ages, from the small scale silly stuff like Fluff Fear Factor and Fluff Bowling, to the messy, wacky games on the Shenanigans stage.  Details


Lots of vendors: Food, craft, and activity vendors will have lots of tasty treats.  Fluff cupcakes, fluffernutters, special-for-the-event popiscles, even a Fluff pizza, plus lots of savory foods and more.  Follow the white balloons throughout the Square for special Fluff-inspired treats at nearby businesses. Details

Volunteer: It takes a small army to make the Fluff Festival a success. Give us an hour or two in the thick of the fun to feel sugary pride! Friends can work together and we’ve got roles for mature kids with their grown-ups too. Volunteers get awesome rewards ! Email us directly for more information: volunteer@unionsquaremain.org

Pass the word! Like a warm knife, help us spread the Fluff goodness far and wide!



From the FluffFestival twitter and Facebook feeds:

Such a line-up for this year’s Cooking Contest Judges! Liz Bomze (Editor at Cook’s Illustrated and Contributing Editor at Serious Eats and Improper Bostonian), Juliana Lyman (Savenor’s Market), Suzanne Mermelstein (Mariposa Bakery) and Eric Parkes (Somerville Chocolate CSA). Will they select your recipe and gain you entrance to the Fluff Factory? Cooking
The Fluff Fest has a Flickr! Click here to check out past fests and all the Fluffy Fun.
FluffATron 3000 is getting a power upgrade. Renting some equipment to power up this baby ! Thanks DGF for the crazy genius that understands the science behind our crazyschemes!
Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project has once again partnered withPrecinct Bar for Fluff Fest. They’ll have their brew topped with some malted fluff. Yum!
Fluff and Mallomars go to together like, well… everything goes with Fluff. Mallomars turn 100 this year. Fluff was invented in 1917…. almost that old. Maybe Archibald Query nibbled these for inspiration?
Tower Root Beer opened a couple years before Archibald invented Fluff. This esteemed brew will be at this year’s festival – two old friends, together at last !
We all knew Mandee Martin had a sense of design — she was a super fabulous Flufferette in years past — and we’re so delighted she’s put her talents to spiffing up our signage. Look at these first ones coming out of her studio !  Pic

2014 Fluff Festival Performance Stage Schedule

 MAIN STAGE  Presented byus2
3:00 PM Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
3:35 PM Welcome from the Pharaohs
3:45 PM More from Emperor Norton
4:15 PM Flufferettes!  As interpreted by Rogue Burlesque
4:30 PM Federator No. 1
5:15 PM Cooking Contest Winners Announced
5:35 PM More from the Flufferettes
5:50 PM Dirty Dotty’s
6:20 PM Villari’s Marital Arts Demo
6:35 PM More from the Dirty Dottys
7:00 PM Good Night Everyone !

Business Support Sought for Annual Fluff Festival

crowdsThe “What the Fluff?” Festival is fast approaching on Saturday, September 28 and we welcome area businesses as part of the event.  Last year 10,000 sugar-hungry, fun-loving attendees, media and area businesses made the event a smashing success.

Some ways you and your business can participate:

  • Donate a gift certificate that can be given away as a prize during the festival: Not only will it be appreciated, a gift certificate will help introduce your store to festival attendees.  We’ll include your business name in the event program.
  • Bring the Festival Into Your Union Square Business: Tell us what works best for your business.  Maybe you can give a discount to anyone wearing a Fluff t-shirt; offer a Fluff-themed item for sale; encourage employees to wear something Fluff-themed to work. Tell us about your plans and we’ll include your business name in the event program. During the festival we’ll put white balloons outside your door so attendees can find you.

skuchak winking flufferetteThank you for being a part of the amazing Union Square community.  It is only with your help that we are able to make the Fluff Festival such a success. Please contact Mimi Graney  (mimi@unionsquaremain.org) with any questions or suggestions, and mark your calendar for Fluff fun on Saturday, September 28!