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Union Square Neighbors Advocate for Preserving the Historic Storefront on the Eberle Building 

US2, the master developer team for Union Square, and WorkBar have recently announced plans to partner with and establish a joint office and co-working space in Union Square on the ground floor of the historic Eberle Building at 31-34 Union Square. Before they can occupy the space, considerable work has to be done to the building.
The ornate wood and glass storefront on the ground floor has survived largely intact, though it has fallen into disrepair.  In its current condition, the existing storefront likely needs significant restoration work or replacement.  Union Square neighbors are encouraging the owners of the Eberle Building to undertake a historically sensitive renovation of the storefront. Click here to find out more.
The Public Hearing on Demolition of Historic Storefront in Union Square will be the next Thursday, August 6th, 6:00pm in City Hall, Aldermanic Chambers 93 Highland Avenue