Slide Show on USMS and Union Square

Strategic Plan 2012-2014

One point of view: Sharing the thoughts of two Union Square residents/activists

On Tuesday, Greater Somerville host KyAnn Anderson spoke with long-time community advocate and Somerville Times columnist Bill Shelton, and Union Square Neighbors chair and founding member Tim Talun, about US2 Associates recent development proposal for the D2 and D3 parcels in Union Square.

With Somerville in dire need of commercial tax base revenue, US2 Associate’s plan of 525 residential units targeted at the Millennial demographic, has received harsh criticism from both community groups as well as government officials. In this episode, they discuss the complexities of this project, how the Somerville Board of Aldermen are taking a stand against US2’s proposal, and the importance of the community voicing their opinions about this proposal to city hall while there’s still time.

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