Community Access TV Celebrates 30 Years

When SCATV (Somerville Community Access TV) launched thirty years ago in Somerville it was one of the first public access TV stations in the country, part of a growing movement to expand community access to mass media.  In the days before the internet, when community groups relied on time consuming phone trees and flyers, paper newsletters and expensive mailings,  cable access was a unique resource that allowed community members to communicate their message to a wide audience.  SCAT, along with PEG (public, educational, and governmental) centers across the nation taught members in the community how to use electronic media tools and use them for non-commercial interests.

On March 28 from 6:00 to 9:00pm, SCATV celebrates its historic beginnings with a party at the station at 90 Union Square. Everyone who has participated in projects at SCATV over the last 30 years is invited to come and share their memories, which will be videotaped for posterity. There will be refreshments, music, and reunions with former colleagues. Elected officials who have been key allies over the years such as Mayor Gene Brune who facilitated SCAT’s home at 90 Union Square, past and current producers and staff will be attendance.

A video made at SCAT in the early 90s featuring Sal’s Market that was once on Somerville Ave.

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