Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Save money and the environment!  The Residential Energy Efficiency Program is designed to benefit both owner-occupied and rental residential properties with  strategies and incentives to reduce energy consumption and costs. The program offers assistance with home improvements including weatherization assistance grants for income-eligible residents and zero percent interest loans from participating lenders. Access to rebates and other financial assistance is also available. A free home energy assessment will help identify cost-effective energy improvement or replacement opportunities.

To take advantage of the program offerings, residents should contact Russell Koty with the City of Somerville  Residential Energy Efficiency program at 617-625-6600 ext. 2568 or email to arrange for a free, no obligation Home Energy Assessment. During the assessment process, specialists can help locate areas in residences where homeowners may be losing energy, determine the efficiency of home heating and cooling systems, and offer tips to conserve water and electricity. Following the free Assessment, specialists may make recommendations on additional steps to conserve energy that may result in financial savings long-term.

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