Guerrilla Art, Guerrilla Gardens, Guerrilla Education

The take-charge creative and community oriented folks are Union Square take their talents to the streets in myriad ways.

Back when the Somerville Avenue reconstruction was wrapping up, one artist, Kathe Gregory, decorated the barren median with colorful pinwheels.



Other artists create graffiti that’s non-destructive, mounting their creations safely onto the existing sidewalk poles.



It’s not clear how many guerilla gardeners are out there but the handiwork is apparent in several key places as the colorful blooms emerge before the city-sanctioned plantings emerge with the spring.  This one is on Stone Place Park.  There’s more to be found on traffic islands.




Union Square Main Streets, through the efforts of Jason Kean, has been pairing up residents to adopt an individual planter. There’s some amazing handiwork that happens with little fanfare here.  And the Bulb Blitz organized by the City of Somerville last spring brought more than 2000 flowers city-wide, with a significant number in Union Square.



Artist Pauline Lim,  a guerrilla who has revealed herself, has installed shrines around the city and encouraged community members to find them and report back.








This past week we just noticed these panels on the island at the intersection of Bow Street and Somerville Avenue, near Market Basket.  This renegade is taking the effort to a whole new level with a professional looking display and some quirky information.  Very cool!

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  1. The dinosaur plaque is interesting, but what do you mean by “right information”? I’m almost sure that this is a hoax and that the “information” here is completely made up. Do you know anything about it?

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