Back in Angled Parking Experiment Now in Progress

Mark Chase of Livable Streets short a simple video documenting the changes on Bow Street before and after the installation of the new back-in angled parking. The goal was to make the road safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as to increase available on-street parking.

Opinion piece from Charlie Denison of the Somerville Bike Committee in the Somerville Patch.

How do you think it’s going?

5 Responses to Back in Angled Parking Experiment Now in Progress

  1. I would love to see the studies that say this is a good idea, that it’s safer, that it makes sense – to anyone? I drive down the newly “backwards parking” street daily and it seems absolutely ridiculous and heaven forbid if you’re driving behind someone trying to park since it’s now only one lane. WHERE in the world is there ANY drivers ed class that teaches you to 1) expect people to be backing into angled parking that is going the wrong way against traffic while you’re driving or 2) teaches you to back angle park into a space that IS GOING AGAINST TRAFFIC. It absolutely baffles the mind. It completely goes against anything I was ever taught in drivers ed – but then again, it doesn’t seem like many bostonian drivers have taken drivers ed, so why would their city planners know any better… Good luck with this Somerville.

  2. Just because something is not taught in drivers education class doesn’t mean its not a good idea. If this works I have a feeling it will make its way into drivers ed. classes. It doesn’t go the other way around. Its an example of forward thinking instead of maintaining the status quo, and I am all for it.

  3. I agree with Heather, and think it’s wacky too. So you stop in the middle of the street, unexpectedly, so that you can then back into a parking space?!? Seems like a recipe for disaster for both the cars behind you and the bikes in the bike lane.

  4. I have to agree with Heather here. When I saw the parking spaces my first thought was someone made a big mistake painting the lines. This would work fantastic if they flowed with traffic. Well, at least until people had to leave the parking space.

  5. mary-ellen perry

    It is crazy. I go to Union Square several times a week, & have been OUTRAGED at the City constantly taking away parking spaces–every time I go there, it seems. So creating MORE parking space would be hugely appreciated. EXCEPT THAT this present arrangement is horrible. You have to get into the space PERFECTLY THE 1ST TIME, which is pretty much impossible, as traffic keeps coming RELENTLESSLY, & woe unto you if you try to straighten out your car/parking job. Or traffic will be tied up while someone tries to park perfectly. *My* car is difficult to park that way for some reason, so it’s a STRUGGLE to get it positioned properly, THEN it’s an eternity trying to get it just right, as cars keep coming down the street relentlessly. I’ve done it twice, & it really isn’t worth it. Especially given that it’s a fairly narrow street. It seems to me an
    incredible hassle, & possibly dangerous as well. ARGH!

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