“Brady Bunch” Star Susan Olsen Brings Her Love of Fluff to Somerville

Growing up in the 70s, it is was a ritual on Friday nights all across America to watch back-to-back episodes of The Brady Bunch and The Patridge Family. While the show ran just five seasons from 1969 to 1974,  through lots of reruns in syndication, musical specials, made-for-TV movies, and then theatrical parodies and movies, The Brady Bunch, like Marshmallow Fluff, was embraced with a passionate, affectionate nostalgia. No matter when you grew up, both are deemed a beloved piece of childhood and an example of wholesome, timeless Americana.

Cindy Brady (“the one in curls”) was played by Susan Olsen and she’s joins Union Square Main Streets for the 2011 What the Fluff? Festival.  A graphic designer, Susan has been long been inspired by Marshmallow Fluff.  Her work will be on display before and during the festival at Bloc 11, just a block from the thick of the Fluff Fest action.




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