Station Design for Washington Street Greenline

The state released a new design concept for the Washington Street Greenline stop.  This is one of the two stations which will be within walking distance for Union Square residents and businesses when the public transit improvements are completed.

Folks might recall that the State initially proposed a station on Joy Street. About a block away from Washington Street, that earlier idea for a Brickbottom station required some landtakings and was less accessible for East Somerville residents.

In this new concept, by moving onto Washington Street at the railway bridge, the station will be more visible and accessible but significant challenges remain including improving connections to East Somerville residents and for bus and bike users, integration with the Community Path, and improving the inhospitable environment under the rail bridge.

See more detail over at STEP.

Alan Moore did some great research and found a design example in Amsterdam which provides some useful ideas that could help deal with some of the problems in the state’s proposal for Washington Street. Like the state’s concept, the station has a lower level entrance on a busy city street with overhead heavy rail and light rail (2 tracks each). The total bridge width in the example is 100’. The present Washington St. bridge is 110’. By not designing the bridge entirely “solid” across and widening under the bridge, the area under the bridge and within the station feels more open and lit.

The streets in Alan’s example are wider than Washington Street but the bridge will need to be rebuilt at least in part to accommodate any new station in this location. Why not move the entrance further south to give more width to the street, perhaps even for a bus stop at least on the south side?

Click here for the link where you can “look around” this station in Amsterdam.

Click here to see what the area under the Washington Street bridge looks like today.

Story from the Somerville News.

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