2011 Union Square Farmers Market Vendors Announced

This season of the Union Square Farmers Market is literally going to blow up the Square. We’ve got not one, not two, not even three, but six new vendors joining us this season.

Seta’s Mediterranean Foods was a popular guest vendor last year and caused a sensation at the Winter Farmers Market up at the Armory. We’re pleased to welcome them as a weekly vendor as they offer up the best hummus, babaganoush and metch to be found anywhere.

Seta’s is sharing a space at our market with Fastachi who are bringing a variety of hand-picked, hand-roasted nuts and dried fruit.

For the first time ever we’re going to have fish at the market as Jordan Brothers brings the sea to us with flounder, cod and tuna, steamers, mussels, and lobsters, and lots more.

Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown has a herd of grass fed cows that gives them the raw ingredient for their line of artisan hard and soft cheeses.

We’ve not been approved yet by the City of Somerville but we’ve accepted two wineries this year. On alternating weeks Coastal Vineyard of Dartmouth and Turtle Creek of Lincoln we expect will offer bottles of hand-crafted Massachusetts wines.

We’re very pleased to welcome back all our long standing, beloved vendors including Drumlin, Kimballs Fruit Farm, and Parker Farm with produce right from the start of the season on June 4. Flats Mentor and Nicewicz have crops that harvest later so we’ll see them with their corn, peaches and  greens come July. Hutchins, the “new kids” from last year are joining us once and we’re looking forward to having them for many more. Stillmans is back with meats and flowers, Fiore di Nonno with fresh mozzarella, Taza with stone ground chocolate, Iggy’s with fresh baked bread and Cooks with their oh-so-tasty assortment of cakes, pies and preserves.

As they did in 2010, Groundwork Somerville and the Community Growing Center will switch off each week with a variety of potted plants, herbs and, while it lasts, maple syrup. Looks like the Urban Homesteaders, who hosted the skillshares in 2010, are caught up with a new project with the Boston Tree Party. We’re hoping that the Growing Center an Groundwork might able to provide some skillshares for us.

With all this new activity the guest vendor space at the market will be available only at the start and end of the season, when we’ll have some extra room around the swell of the season.

We’re developing our line-up of performers for the market now as well.

For either of these opportunities,  contact Market Manager Adrianne Schaefer at market@unionsquaremain.org

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